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Obtaining a French driving licence:

France Driver’s License – In  France, a driving license (French: Permis de conduire) is a governmental right granted to those who apply for a license in any of the categories desired. It is required for all types of motorized vehicles. The minimum age to obtain a driver’s license is sixteen years for a motorcycle, eighteen years for a car, and twenty-one years for buses and cargo vehicles.

Since 2013, the French driving license format has been changed from a pink booklet to a credit card-sized card. Some minor changes appear on driving licenses issued by overseas collectivities such as French Polynesia, Saint Martin, and Wallis and Futuna. These collectivities’ licenses are identical to the standard mainland format, except for the addition of the collectivity’s name.

Obtaining a driving licence

The French driving licence can be obtained after finishing driving school and passing a two-stage test: the theory test (examen du code de la route) and road test (examen pratique du permis). The code de la route exam consists of 40 questions of which one needs to get at least 35 right to pass. After passing the exam, one can start taking driving lessons with their driving school. Before passing the road test, a minimum of 20 hours of driving lessons is required.

In France, there exists a graduated driver licensing(GDL) system for people between the ages of 15 and 17 and a half, for those holding a B category driving licence. Some restrictions exist, with one of the main conditions being that a driver with at least 5 years of uninterrupted license holding must accompany the learner.This GDL is valid only within France, so it is not legal for a youth with a GDL to cross international borders in their car. Contact us today at and avoid all the rigorous process and wait time.

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