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This service is for any resident or non-resident of the EU to obtain a full driving licence without any tests. So no matter what country you are a resident or citizen of, we can help. Even if you live outside of the U.K or E.U! Once you have a driving licence through us, you can exchange it in your OWN country for a local licence or just use it without exchange. EU driving licences are accepted ‘as is’ worldwide for driving and exchange. It does not matter what nationality you are!


No Licence? No Problem!

Have you lost your existing licence? No problem! Can’t remember the details? No problem! Need a clean licence? No problem! Need motorcycle, car, bus, or HGV entitlement? No problem! Over 65? No problem! Medical problems? No problem!

There are 110 different models of driving licence in current use throughout the E.U., that’s not to mention driving licences issued outside of the E.U that are still accepted for exchange in different E.U countries. Learn more 

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