California Fake Driver License

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California Driver License Premium Fake Driver’s License

California Fake Driver License – Design – We use the newest template as used by the DMV in 2019, to make our California IDs.

Printing – The bendable Polycarbonate.

Graphical Features: 

  • A Golden Grizzly Bear with a white star in the upper right indicating real id.
  • A pale, colored illustration of a Gold Forty-Niner Miner.
  • The illustration of the California state running through the background in the middle of the ID card.
  • Golden Poppies, The California state flower can be seen under the signature.
  • An emblem hologram in the center with OVI and vibrant enough.
  • The California State Seal with a holographic overlay.
  • california fake IDs Card Functions

    • A signature on the back of the ID card.
    • Raised-Text printing.
    • Laser-perforation holes into the cardstock.
    • Micro-printed headers through the front. Order California Fake ID

    Ultraviolet Elements of our California fake id for sale

    • The DOB in UV ink overlaps the primary photo.
    • A sailboat in the lower bottom.
    • The Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower illuminate under black light.
    • A duplicate photo of the cardholder.

    Does California Fake ID Scan?

    • A magnetic stripe that contains the cardholder credentials.
    • 2D Barcodes encoded with scannable information.

    What can our driver’s license do as peruse? – Buy fake California driver’s license

    A person might have a pretend ID for numerous reasons. Here square measure a number of the foremost common cases:

    -The purchase of alcohol and tobacco by minors
    -Avoiding age restrictions for piercing and tattoo
    -Underage folks accessing clubs, bars, and gambling institutions
    -Renting a vehicle if the person doesn’t own a license
    -Booking hotels and alternative traveling-related functions

    california fake driver license for sale – Safe and Fast Shipping of our driver’s license

    The dimensions of a permit area unit are eighty-five.27 × 43.58 mm, with a thickness of zero.026 inches. Your pretend ID can follow these measurements exactly. because of the parcel’s confidential content, the safest choice for its shipping is a well-thought-of delivery company.

    We will deliver your solid documents safely and promptly via the United States Postal Service or in the USA. Semi Express delivery takes 5-7 days, whereas the associate expresses categorical cargo arriwithinmong 2-3 days. Buy California Fake ID

5 reviews for California Fake Driver License

  1. Bohumír Krejčí

    My friend told me about this site, thinking it was just another scammy, sketchy site. But no. My friend ordered first, and now we’re using LegitFakes IDs.

  2. Shudun Kifah Baz

    There is no doubt that the California license holograms are flawless. I always recommend it to my customers. You cannot go wrong with LegitFakes.

  3. Tracey J. Ellis

    There was no difference between the pic I sent and the print out. I was actually very impressed with the quality!

  4. Sylvia R.

    It pass anywhere including in state, they are trustworthy

  5. Jett Tolmie

    I have ordered over 60 cards from this vendor and have always been satisfied with the quality and the quick response time. Best Online vendor

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